A Unified Strata Management Platform

Making Owners Happier and Strata Managers Smarter

The Future of Strata Management

IntelliStrata Management Platform

BeyondStrata IntelliStrata Management Platform is a comprehensive End-to-End Online Platform for managing all aspects of a Body Corporation. It connects owners, committee members, strata manager and suppliers, providing the necessary tools to improve collaboration, visibility and workflow management. Through the use of data driven solutions such as AI it continually enhances the experience for all stakeholders via proactive alerts, simplification and automation of processes.

Empowering Owners

Community Portal - Owner Area

Owner Area in our Community Portal provides owner's with access to all the essential information and interaction mechanisms to stay on top of their strata investments. Whether it's one or multiple lots, owners can find all of their lot information under a single login account. Following are some of the key functions and information owners have access to, 24x7, both on mobile and desktop devices:

  • Online Concierge for reporting issues any time
  • Financial documents such as income, expenses and balance sheets
  • Property documents such as plan of sub division and model rules
  • Bank statements and insurance documents
  • Fund balance updated daily
  • Budget details
  • Copies of all communications such as levy notices, meeting minutes
  • After hours emergency contact details

Putting The Committee In Charge

Community Portal - Committee Area

Committee Area in our Community Portal provides the committee members with access to all the committee specific information and functions. We understand the voluntary commitments members make to keep their property in its best condition and the Committee Area is designed to help them get things done faster. Following are some of the key functions and information committee has access to, on top of the Owner Area functions listed above:

  • Detailed expense reports
  • Invoice approvals
  • Supplier quotations
  • Committee only documents
  • Levy arrears list

Making Managers Smarter

Man ager Portal

Using the Manager Portal, our strata manager is able to interact with owners, committee members, suppliers and back-office staff. Our comprehensive back office solution takes all the administrative burden off our managers, allowing them to focus on managing your property. Managers are also provided with Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards helping them take a priority based approach to handling their daily tasks. Following are some of the key functions:

  • Incident management
  • Meeting management
  • Financial management
  • Document management
  • Communication management