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We add value

If you are setting up your first Owners Corporation our extensive experience in assisting developers to seamlessly establish their owners corporation for their property development subdivisions around Victoria can be of value to you.

We have expert experience in the formation of small owners corporations up to medium density, high rise and master plan communities.

After consultation and gathering of key information from you we handle all the requirements to properly set up a compliant owners corporation, including but not limited to:

  • Meetings and consultations with the developer
  • Guidance on the rules of the owners corporation, design guidelines (if applicable), common area amenities (services and facilities), multiple owners corporations, exclusive use demarcation and so on
  • Liaison with solicitors, conveyancers, surveyors, accountants
  • Creation of owners corporation records & register to enable the owners corporation to keep minutes, accounts and other key information
  • Drafting a proposed owners corporation budget approval
  • Setting of annual owners corporation fees
  • Calculations for the setting of lot liabilities and lot entitlements
  • Generation and issuance of OC levy notices
  • Provision of owners corporation certificate for contracts of sale
  • Gathering of insurance quotes for building replacement & reinstatement, public liability and other policy requirements
  • Assist in establishment of a maintenance plan (for prescribed owners corporations or if necessary)
  • Assist in the adherence to essential safety measures
  • Convening the Inaugural General Meeting of the owners corporation
  • Arranging income tax file number and Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Arranging common seal and plaque
  • Setting up community portal for each user and committee member

See how we are different. Our unique InstelliStrata Platform has amazing features such as the online Community Portal that puts owners and committee members in the driving seat with real time access to financial information and your manager performance. These unique features add value to your properties future owners.

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We are happy to discuss and show you our awesome platform, especially how it can help you with the worries you have in managing your owners corporation. Alternatively, ring us on 03 8595 4364 to talk to a member of our friendly team.